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Where to get your Car Serviced

Did you know that getting your car serviced can prevent a 10% drop in fuel economy?

Regular car servicing is essential to keep your car in good health, and help your cars engine to run efficiently. In fact if you don’t service your car regularly, it can actually give your car a shorter life expectancy, and under-serviced engines could cost you £100 more on fuel each year!

Where should I get my car serviced?

Getting your car serviced is easy. You can go to:

  • A local garage
  • Book a check-up with your car’s manufacturer
  • Contact garage serving network to get the best quotes.

If you use an independent garage, be sure to see that it is VAT registered, and that the mechanics are using genuine car parts. For those of you that do not fully understand the mechanics of a car and want a trustworthy mechanic, then a car service network is by far the best solution.

Car servicing networks are designed to protect the consumer, and for a garage to join an accredited network, it is essential that they undergo detailed servicing checks and adhere to high customer standards. Therefore you know you can trust the garage in charge of your car that they won’t elaborate on faults to make money, and will check for any danger signs occurring in the vehicle.

If you wish to see how using a car servicing networks can benefit you, visit the Visitcars car servicing network area where you can obtain a no obligation quote, and save 20% off your MOT and 10% off your car servicing. In October 2002, new regulations allowed non-franchised garages to service cars. That means repair work carried out by an approved independent garage will not void your car warranty, as long as it’s serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

How often should I get my car serviced?

You should take your car for a service at least once a year, or as recommended by your car manufacturer’s guidelines. Know your car’s servicing schedule and make sure the service book is stamped.


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