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Used Car Cons

Used Car Cons Image

Is the United Kingdom becoming a nation of dodgy dealers?  That is the question being posed by many as new research shows just how many used car cons have been perpetrated in the country's £1.4 million private car sales industry. 

The new research claims that as many as one in five people have told lies when trying to sell their used car.  Trusted Dealers undertook a survey of 2,000 motorists, and found that whether the lies were relatively innocent fibs to outright instances of blatant fraud, the recession appears to be making more and more people increasingly willing to bend the truth in order to get a potential buyer to take their used car off their hands. 

Almost 6.8 million used UK cars for sale were sold last year, meaning that providing the survey is correct and indicative of the wider car selling public, there could have been as many as 1.4 million used cars sold under false pretences, some of which could end up causing potentially dangerous outcomes for unsuspecting drivers.

The main reason given for telling lies was, perhaps unsurprisingly, money, indicating that more and more motorists are willing to bend the facts to recoup the cost of a car in these difficult economic conditions.  The commonest lies involved those intended to hide existing faults, with 34% intended to cover up mechanical issues and 10% lying to conceal a poor service history.  Some buyers were even willing to lie about prior accidents with the car and its level of mileage.

published: 28/09/2011


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