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Too many people neglecting their eyes

Too many people neglecting their eyes Image

People are being urged to take better care of their eyes after a recent study discovered that nearly one in 10 people have not had an eye test for over 10 years.

The research, which was conducted by the College of Optometrists, shows that 9% of adults in Britain either cannot remember the last time they had a test or say that it has been at least a decade since their last visit to an optician.

A lot of people said that they didn't think they needed to have an eye test, but the College of Optometrists' clinical adviser, Dr Susan Blakeney, warned that if people leave it too long, it may be too late to reverse any damage.

"Eighty six per cent of people value their eyesight above any other sense and over two thirds of people wear corrective lenses of some sort," she said.

"However, it often takes a big change in vision or health for people to visit an optometrist to find out what's going on, and that may be too late to reverse any damage to sight, especially if you are in an at-risk group."

The at-risk groups include those over the age of 40 and people of African Caribbean descent, who are more likely to develop an eye condition like glaucoma. But the majority of people are also advised to go for a check-up at least every two years.

The 4,032-strong survey highlights how many people do not view regular eye tests as important, despite good vision being vital for driving and so many other tasks. Dr Susan Blakeney added that not all conditions have obvious symptoms.

"Most people will probably be fine but it's worth remembering not every eye condition has symptoms so regular check-ups, unless otherwise advised by your optometrist, are vital to maintain healthy eyes."

published: 17/09/2012


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