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Black boxes reduce premiums

Black boxes reduce premiums Image

Installing black box technology in motorists' vehicles could help to drive down car insurance premiums for female and young drivers, according to a leading politician.

Transport secretary Justine Greening has issued a call to have the devices fitted, which she suggested could lead to a reduction in insurance costs by up to 50 per cent.

She said current premiums "bear little relationship to the real world", quoting recent research which indicates that young male motorists are forced to fork out nearly £3,000 per year on average to get cover.

Through the black boxes, which are almost the same as those used by pilots on airplanes, drivers have the ability to monitor their speed and acceleration while on the move, and the technology also encourages safe driving.

Miss Greening said: "The Government has already taken tough action to ban referral fees, reform no-win no-fee rules and crack down on fraudulent whiplash claims. But I think we can go further.

"Why is it, when the overwhelming majority of UK young drivers are amongst the safest in the world and we are seeing faster reductions in casualties for this age group than for all drivers as a whole, that premiums are still sky high?"

But car insurance providers believe a strict curfew should be imposed on younger drivers to prevent them from driving late at night. They argue that this will help to reduce road mortality rates and fatal injuries because they feel motorists aged 25 and below are more likely to have an incident between late night and early morning.

published: 04/05/2012


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