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Used Car News

Offering Your Used Ford Focus for Sale


Offering Your Used Ford Focus for Sale Image

With plans to buy a new car, you've weighed the pros and cons of using your Ford Focus as part of the trade-in and decided that selling it outright might be a better strat ...

more from: FORD 

Choosing the Best Used Honda Cars


  One of the great things about Honda cars is that they wear very well, especially when the owner keeps up with the servicing.  When it comes to considering ...

more from: HONDA 

Evaluating Used Car Prices


Evaluating Used Car Prices Image

It's no secret that one way to save money is to find good quality used cars that are available at decent prices.  The trick is not to find quality used vehicles, but ...

more from: Motoring News 

Finding Good Quality But Cheap Used Cars


Finding Good Quality But Cheap Used Cars Image

Cheap used cars do not necessarily have to be worn out rust buckets that have seen better days. In fact, finding an inexpensive used vehicle that is in decent shape is not as hard ...

more from: Cheap used cars 

Think Volkswagen When Looking at Second Hand Cars For Sale


Think Volkswagen When Looking at Second Hand Cars For Sale Image

Wading through all of the second hand cars for sale can be a daunting task, unless you set some sort of standard for what you want. One approach is to focus on offerings from one ...

more from: Used Volkswagen 

What to Look For in Used BMW Cars


What to Look For in Used BMW Cars Image

Without a doubt, used BMW cars can be a great way to drive in comfort and style without paying the price of a new vehicle. The great thing about BMW products in general is that th ...

more from: BMW cars for sale Used BMW 

Jaguar Concept Supercar Goes on Display in London


Jaguar’s electric concept supercar, the C-X75, has gone on display at the Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge, giving Christmas shoppers in London the chance to become amongst the firs ...

more from: New Cars 

Is A Used Car A Good Gift For Christmas?


While not everyone will think in terms of a used car as the ideal gift for Christmas, the fact is that this may be a wonderful present for someone special on your list. Of course, ...

more from: Used car to buy 

The Ultimate Used Car


The ultimate used car is to be sold at auction in London over the Christmas period. The Ferrari 250GT dates back to 1958. This classic car is also a very rare model, and is to be ...

more from: Used Cars 

Used Cars to Beat the VAT increase


It is being recommended that in order to beat the VAT increase in January, buyers should opt for used cars instead of new. It is estimated that the difference on a new car with th ...

more from: Used cars advantages 

Buying a Used Car – Getting the Timing Right


Buying a used car can often simply be a case of being in the right place at the right time, and buyers can save thousands if they plan carefully before purchasing the vehicle. The ...

more from: Buy used cars UK 

Driving Instructor Qualifications a Worry for Used Car Buyers


It has been revealed that many drivers are being taught by instructors who are not qualified to teach. Some driving schools are saving money by hiring instructors that are still c ...

more from: Buying used car 

Used Car Values in November


It has been reported that average used car values have remained static from October to November. The average used car sale price remains at £5792 - a drop of nearly 2 per cent fro ...

more from: Used cars prices 

Volkswagen Tiguan Top for Used Car Value


A recent report suggests that the Volkswagen Tiguan has overtaken the Mini Cooper as the used car with the best residual value. After three years use, the Tiguan still manages to ...

more from: What used car to buy  

Increased Sales of Used Cars Show a Stronger Economy in the US


The United States’ used car industry is showing signs of good recovery, with sales of used cars being reported as on the increase. The motor industry is a key element of the US ec ...

more from: Used Cars 

Used Car Values in November


The latest reports suggest that the average value of a used car rose in November for the first time in several years. There was a rise in values in October of 1.1% and this was fo ...

more from: Used cars prices 

Used Car Mileage Worry


A recent news report reveals the worrying statistic that the mileage values on a large number of used cars are being lowered in order to improve sales and car values. It is estima ...

more from: Buyers guide used car Buying used car 

Used Car Buying Tips Issued in India


India now has a massive used car market, and a newspaper based in the country has issued tips that might be a little different than you would expect for the UK. Firstly, the publi ...

more from: Buyers guide used car 

Used Car Bargains in 2011


It is predicted that the value of used cars being sold at auction as we go into 2011 will remain strong, with the value set to be passed on to buyers at used car dealerships. Deal ...

more from: Buying used car Used Cars 

Used Car of the Year


The Ford Mondeo has been voted the Used Car of the Year for 2010 at the annual awards ceremony. The Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi Zetec 5-door model was deemed to be a good quality car tha ...

more from: Used Cars 


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