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GM Europe's Chief Says Extended-Range Crossover, Hatchback Plug-Ins in Works

(Updated to include GM comment. )

Nick Reilly, president of GM Europe and an apparently talkative guy, has told Britain's Autocar magazine that in addition to the Chevy Volt and its European sibling - the Ampera - there are at least two more members of the Voltec family of extended-range plug-in being developed for launch in 2015.

Next Volt Model? The car, not the girl. The Volt MPV5 concept unveiled at the Beijing auto show this year could be basis for a new extended-range plug-in to be launched in 2015.

We're waiting to get comment from GM headquarters in the U.S., but What Autocar reports is that in a recent interview, Reilly said that GM plans a 2015 launch of a small hatchback and an five-seat, sport wagon-styled crossover with the same extended-range plug-in powertrain technology used in the Chevrolet Volt and Ampera, which will be sold as an Opel and, in the U.K. as a Vauxhall.

GM's made no secret of its plans to expand use of the technology, but this is most specific information we've heard.

In the U.S. however, GM spokesman Robert Peterson has told us that while GM is 'very bullish about the market potential of the Volltec Propulsion System" and is "intrigued by the possibility of expanding" the Voltec portfolio, there's been no firm commitment to any new models. Peterson did not, suggest, however, that Reilly misspoke or had been misquoted.

Reilly also reiterated previously reported plans to make the second generation Volt/Ampera slightly larger than the first model Volt being launched this month.

The Ampera, slated to be produced on the Volt assembly line in Detroit and exported at first, will go on sale in Europe next year and Reilly said that sales volumes are expected to justify the start of a European production plant for the Voltec cars - possibly in the U.K.- by 2015.

He also repeated the GM mantra that increasing sales volume and addition of more models would help lower production costs and bring down the price of the next-generation models.

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GM Europe's Chief Says Extended-Range Crossover, Hatchback Plug-Ins in Works was originally published by Green Car Advisor. Read the full story by clicking here.

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