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Q: How do I use the search tool?

A: There are 2 different ways to use the search tool.

1. Broad Search

Click the "display results" button and Visitcars will display all available cars for sale nationwide.

2. Refined Search

Click on a relevant field with regards to the car you are looking for and select the relevant option from the drop down menu. For example, if you want to search by car make, click on the "Any make" field and select a make from the drop down list provided (e.g Alfa Romeo). Click on "display results" and Visitcars will show you all available Alfa Romeo?s for sale.

To Refine Your Search Further

Click on as many of the fields as you want, selecting the relevant options from each drop down menu. This will narrow your search down to just cars that fit your criteria. For example selecting "Any make" > ALFA ROMEO, "Any model" > 156, "Number of doors" > 4 doors - will refine your search to just Alfa Romeo 156?s, which have 4 doors.

Q: Do I have to search in order the optional fields appear on the screen?

No, you can enter in any information to any of the fields to narrow your search. For example, if your were simply looking for a red car then just click on "Red" under the "Any colour" field and click search to find all available red cars for sale in the Visitcars database.

Q: Why does the number of cars available decrease when I enter information into the optional fields?

A: The number of cars available will decrease as your search becomes more specific.

Q: Can I try and search for a feature not within the optional drop down fields?

A: Yes, just enter a keyword into the "keyword" field and Visitcars will display all relevant results that fit those keywords. This can be useful for finding derivitive information. For example, selecting FORD and FOCUS with the keyword "Zetec" will find all available Zetec specification Ford Focus

Q: Can I search by location?

A: Yes, just enter your desired location postcode into the postcode field and your search will be refined to that location. The number of miles from the postcode entered to the location of each car will be also displayed.

Q: Why can I see "0 cars found"?

This is because there are no cars on the Visitcars database that fit your search criteria.

Q: How can sort my results?

A: Once you have your results you are able to sort them by price in ascending order, price descending order or by distance by using the "sort by" field.

Q:How can I begin a brand new car search?

A: Click "clear selection" and any previous information you searched into the fields will clear and you can start a completely new search.

Q: Worried about your budget and want a car on finance?

A: Click on the "search by budget" link to reveal the additional fields; Deposit, Monthly Budget, Credit Status, and Term. Enter and select values for these fields and click "Calculate". This will provide you with the amount of money you may be able to spend on a car and will automatically update your maximum spend in the "Up to any price" field, further refining your search to relevant cars. The alter the budget values enetered click "Change Budget Criteria". To clear the feature and reset the "Up to any price" field, click Cancel.


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