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7 winning tips to keep your car insurance premiums down

To get cheaper insurance premiums, you need to tell the car insurer how you can reduce the risk to them, as this is how they calculate their rates.

  1. Mention Security devices. The more security your car has, the less likely it is to be stolen or damaged. Tell the insurer of any security devices fitted, even if it's a steering wheel lock, and mention if the car is parked in a garage or a private drive overnight
  2. Keep mileage low. The lower your annual mileage, the less you are on the road, and therefore the less likely you are to have an accident
  3. Pay a higher voluntary excess. Opting to pay a higher voluntary excess in the event of an accident can help reduce your premiums, though it does leave you with more to pay in the event of a claim
  4. Build up your no-claims discount. It takes a few years of incident-free driving, but lower premiums make it all worthwhile
  5. Get a little engine! The slower the engine, the lower your premiums will go for that car
  6. If you are a young driver, you can sit a Pass Plus exam, which offers more advanced driver training and can save as much as 30% on car insurance premiums
  7. If you're prepared to haggle, there are extra savings to be had by phoning the company.
  8. Choose the right time to phone. The best time to call is in the evening and at the end of the month as companies try to reach their targets. They'll often do a 'one-off' deal for you. If you're prepared to haggle, there are savings to be had by phoning the company. There are often big margins and room for car insurance companies to come down in price to win your business. Aim to knock-off at least 2-5 percent. If the company insists they can't budge on price, try another


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