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Amazing weekend
Well I’m back in work after another weekend being over. They fly by so quickly these days that you hardly have time to relax after a stressful week. This weekend was extra special as my husband had booked us a romantic getaway to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.Now my husband is not the most romantic man on the planet, if I touch his thigh on the train he tells me to behave and not in the Austin Powers way either. He hates public displays of unbridled affection, well he does with me anyway. I’m always banging on at him to get more romantic and use his imagination but I fear this is very hard for him. I come from a showy family, who love gifts and making a fuss but also have loud arguments and talk over each other. The complete opposite of his family. Sometimes its hard because I think why can’t he be more like us but he thinks the same and why can’t I be happy with my lot and quiet and a homely type. Neither of us will ever change because we are who we are but we do occasionally meet in the middle and that’s where our relationship works. We both love history and old places for instance.This was what prompted Paul into booking my surprise. He booked us a night in a castle hotel that once was an abbey and they place where Guy Fawkes Bandits kidnapped James I daughter Princess Elizabeth. It looked beautiful and grand in the photos and I was excited about getting there. It was called Coombes Abbey in Coventry. Saturday started with Paul telling me he was popping out to get the car cleaned before we headed off and I wasnt suspicious as he is always doing strange things at strange times that involve cleaning. He returned half an hour later in a brand new Audi (we have a clapped out Zafira). “whose car is that and what you doing in it and where is our car???” I asked.The husband explained he wanted to arrive in style and comfort so he hired the car for the weekend “surprise”. It was a lovely gesture so we immediately went on our way. It didn’t take long to reach our destination and for once I didn’t have a sore arse or side cramp when I got out the fancy car. The front of the hotel did not disappoint and it was very grand. Walking inside was like entering a cave. Huge stone walls panelled with ornate Tudor carving and massive flagstones on the floor. You could feel the history shouting at you. I was excited by this point to see what our room looked like, I had peeked up at the windows trying to figure out which one would be ours.I noticed a floury of activity going on and noticed a bride and some bridemaids wonder past. Slowly my heart began to sink. You will understand why soon because the same always happens at these places. My worst nightmares were confirmed upon booking in but Paul didn’t notice, where as I did. I bounced up to the grand reception desk like a hungry puppy and spouted that we were excited to be staying here for a our first wedding anniversary (Paul had told them upon making the booking too). There was not even a flicker in the reception girls face and she in fact talked ever me about the facilities and the rules. I said it again and again I was ignored. She curtly said that we would be shown to our room.A man came along and asked our room number and he informed us that he wont take us to our room that he would explain the way and told us to go out of the building to one across the court-yard. Heart sank a little bit further. Now I know Paul had not booked a cheap room as he told me he booked a feature room but we where not even staying in the abbey itself. We walked outside and was confronted with a brand spanking new purpose-built building. We could have been anywhere! We were not even important enough to be shown all the way to our room, find your own way as you do in the premier inn.The room was lovely but there was no four-poster bed like we thought we would be having, there was a lar

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