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Welcome to Visitcars. At Visitcars, we make our money from our advertisers and affiliates, enabling us to offer you a FREE marketplace for buying and selling cars! In addition, we believe in offering customers with a quick and easy customer journey, and for this reason you won't be asked for any unecessary information or personal data, unless it will truely benefit you.

Visitcars is part of the Whichdeal Ltd Group. A UK leading car finance specialist with over 25 years experience in the financial sector.

Serving both B2C and B2B, increased consumer needs led to the birth of Visitcars.

Since its launch in November 2008, Visitcars is already partnering with top motoring organisations, and has been the centre of interest from the biggest players in Motor and comparison sites dominating the web.

Visitcars car website is part of the Whichdeal Group

"We designed Visitcars to create a free marketplace to help, encourage and engage consumers in buying and selling cars and all associated products over the internet. Visitcars’ services empower the user to not only enjoy a simple customer journey but manage the whole process of owning, maintaining and servicing a car. Consumers can expect reliable and timely email alerts, servicing support and maintenance discounts, that make owning a car an easy and organised experience, that saves the consumer time, effort and money"

Shaun Armstrong, Managing Director, Visitcars, 2008


July 2004

Shaun Armstrong launches in Poole, Dorset, as the first online armchair solution for consumers looking for car finance

May 2006

Dealerplus is formed. The B2B solution for dealerships looking to increase online coverage and sales

Sept 2007

Whichdeal win BowShot Eden Awards round 3 as online trader of the year

Aug 2008

Visitcars is launched, specialising in the user experience or buying and selling cars online, as the first online motor site to provide Mobile Messaging Service uploads for consumers advertising their car

Sept 2008

Whichdeal win BowShot Eden Awards Final for innovative online businesses 2008


eDen Bowshot AWARDS 2008

Visitcars win eDen Bowshot award 2008 In October 2008, Shaun Armstrong, Managing Director of the Whichdeal Group, attended the Bowshot Eden awards to claim first prize for the innovative and creative launch of the internets most waited for website, ever launched in the motoring sector Visitcars.

The success of its sister company, Creditplus, was the first to receive the notice of judges in the first round of the Bowshot Eden awards, an entrepreneurial award for innovative businesses online, when it scooped the first prize in heat one from tough competition across Dorset and Hampshire.

Since winning, Shaun became inspired by the vivid gap in the market linking the comparison shopper to the actual physical needs of the consumer wanting to buy, sell and access the necessary information to manage the car ownership process. In August 2008, a hard working and aspiring team brought forth the launch of, with the aim of assisting vehicle users and provide the missing platform that would link consumer activity with the comparison market that has taken the internet by storm.

Judges were amazed by Visitcars, one stating "Eden has now become a one horse race".

Over the coming months, Visitcars is set to overtake market leaders in motoring as for the first time, visitors find useful tools to manage their car maintenance, access the biggest car blogging platform online and even upload car adverts using their mobile phone.

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